Knowing Who You Are Dealing With

In a production establishment, the need of constant upgrading of line equipments with minimal tailored cost to increase productivity would always surface. On this aspect we would like to introduce ourselves as SECURE PLUS ENGINEERING.

Our specialties in SECURITY SYSTEM and SMART HOME SYSTEM identifies the keystones for constructing competitive advantages. Whether to increase Productivity and Efficiency, in order to lower down the processing cost or to utilize labour in a productive manner. We have the INNOVATIVES solutions to suite our clients needs and the provision of extents of automation required.

SECURE PLUS ENGINEERING. Is here to service our valued clients specific needs in greater detail.

We believe we can extend this service to your esteemed company. A vision of the future does not mean making efforts to interpret ongoing trends in business. It also involves envisaging possible scenarios and working in such a way that one of the scenarios comes true.

Our History

Past Present & Future

SECURE PLUS ENGINEERING experience in designing, manufacture and installation of security system goes back several years ago. Today, it produces a variety of alarm systems, CCTV system, smart home systems, intercom system, card access system, auto-gate system and barrier gate system. While many of these systems are available in standard version.

SECURE PLUS ENGINEERING also produces custom-designed systems to meet the specific requirements of its clients. SECURE PLUS ENGINEERING standard systems have prove n in terms of quality and have acquired reputation for being efficient, rugged, dependable, tough and above all, highly cost effective.

After Sales Service

Our Sales Doesn’t End After Payment

SECURE PLUS ENGNIEERING believes that by providing machinery to its client is only the beginning of the working relation. It is the after sales service support that will be needed most when production gets underway. As a result, SECURE PLUS ENGNIEERING Have put together a comprehensive after sales service program to meet all customer’s needs. These include repair and maintenance services both in office side and customer premises, carry out routine machinery checking, expanding and upgrading plant, provide consultancy and other support services to ensure that the customer achieve maximum productivity.

Electrical Engineering

Engineering At It’s Best

Another aspect of SECURE PLUS ENGINEERING value added manufacturing activities is that capability extends to the higher technology activity of designing electrical control systems for its alarm system, card access system and CCTV systems. SECURE PLUS ENGINEERING provides the electrical control system, which coordinates the flow and speed of data signal and camera view running smoothly.